Week 13: Where is the line between sharing and stealing? How can we make sure we don’t cross it?

After two long days of conferences with all of you, I should be exhausted, but instead I’m energized by your great ideas for the Scholarly Webtext assignment we’re beginning. I’m excited to see your ideas take shape into polished, persuasive, multimodal arguments between now and the end of the semester. With Unit #3 behind us, we can focus our full attention on this new project, beginning with the one-page “plan of action” that’s due next Thursday. This document doesn’t need to follow a strict format, but it should include at least four items:

  1. A description of your topic. (Be specific; the more focused, the better!)
  2. The argument you want to make. (What’s your position?)
  3. A list of at least five sources you plan to use.
  4. A description of the format your final webtext will take. (Video? Podcast? Prezi? Medium post?)

Finally, you should use the plan of action document to ask me any questions you have about getting started on this project. I’ll respond to your plan over Thanksgiving break so we can return from the holiday ready to go.

Before then, though, we have two class sessions that will help you refine your thinking about the Scholarly Webtext assignment. Here’s an overview of our plans for Week 13:

Questions? Concerns about your project? Come see me during office hours (slightly adjusted this week: Wednesday 9–12 and Thursday 2–5) or email me.