Week 8: How can we take our revised slides from good to great?

Yesterday’s dedicated work session for Unit #2 looked very productive from my standpoint, and I hope you’ll continue to make solid progress on your revised slides this weekend. If you missed class, please download a copy of the workshop handout from our class’s shared Google Drive folder and complete those tasks before class on Tuesday.

Because we only have a week left to work on Unit #2, I’ve cleared the calendar of all reading assignments and other projects. Your full attention (for this class, anyway) should be focused on revising and redesigning your chosen slide deck. Here’s how we’ll wrap up the project during Week 8:

  • On Tuesday, we will spend the entire class period in a peer critique workshop for the Slide Deck Redesign project. At this point, your revised deck should be complete, and you should be polishing the fine details of each slide. Please come to class ready to project your slides onto one of the televisions in our classroom, and to offer lots of advice to your classmates.
  • On Thursday, the final draft of your Slide Deck Redesign is due before you come to class. Please make sure that all of your materials for this project are located in your shared Google Drive folder, and don’t forget about the memo of transmittal. During class, I’ll introduce our next assignment, “Interrogating the Interface,” and we’ll explore several options for your work on this project.

As always, if you have any questions about these plans, or if you’d like to talk about your project in progress, please come see me during my office hours next week.