Week 7: How can data be simplified and communicated clearly?

I saw a lot of great work on your screens during class today! If you need a little more time to refine the slides you created during our workshops this week, that’s fine—just make sure they are uploaded to your shared Google Drive folder sometime this weekend. (I recommend creating a “Unit 2” folder where you can save your workshop files, the images you collect, and any other materials related to your your Unit #2 project.) At this point, you should know exactly which slide deck you’re redesigning, and you should be identifying specific slides that you’ll be working on during the next two weeks. As we’ve seen this week, good slide design takes time, so don’t procrastinate your work on this assignment.

Here’s a brief review of our plans for Week 7:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll consider the role of numerical data in slide presentations. Before you come to class, please read pages 127–75 in Presentation Zen Design (you can skim Chapter 5, but Chapter 6 is very important) and identify at least two data-heavy slides in your deck that you’d like to work with during class.
  • We’ll spend all of Thursday in a slide design workshop, comparing various software programs and helping you finalize your choice of tools for the Slide Deck Redesign. In preparation for our workshop, please read pages 181–235 in Presentation Zen Design and be sure you have access to all of your materials for Unit #2.

If you have questions about your work on this project, please come see me during my office hours next week. I’m always happy to discuss your projects in progress.