Week 3: Is the internet destroying our sense of place?

As we work on the Video Narrative project, we’ll be experimenting with some different approaches to drafting, revising, and polishing our work. I appreciate your willingness to give storyboarding a shot, and I hope you’ll bring that same attitude to the rest of our workshops this semester.

At this point, you should be finishing your storyboards and writing the first draft of your script (please bring both of these things to class on Tuesday). For some of you, writing a finished script won’t be possible until you conduct interviews with other people, but please draft as much as you can this weekend. Here’s how we’ll spend our time in class next week:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll discuss Chapter 2 in Program or Be Programmed (pp. 41–51) and “On Internet Friends and In-Person Friends, Or As They Are More Commonly Known, ‘Friends,'” by Becky Chambers. As you read, make note of specific sections you’d like to bring up in class. Better yet, see if you can find other articles or websites that address similar topics. If time allows, we’ll spend the last part of class reviewing the early drafts of your video narrative scripts.
  • On Thursday, we will spend most of class in workshop mode, reviewing several different hardware and software tools that you can use to create your video narrative. In order for you to choose a specific tool (or set of tools) for your project, you’ll need to have a fairly solid idea about how you plan to tell your story, so your homework for Thursday is to finalize your script (as much as possible) and bring it to class. Remember, your finished video should only be 2–4 minutes, so if you’re worried about the length of your script, I recommend timing yourself as you read it out loud.

If you have questions about these plans, or if you need help with your video narrative, please come see me during office hours (Tuesday 2–5 and Wednesday 9–12) or send me an email. (Big hint: it’s much less painful to have me look at your draft during office hours than to be surprised by my evaluation of your project after you turn it in.)